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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Power Of Love


Aku beli CD! Walaupun ada org kata aku ni jiwang, ikutla... Ada gak yg kata apasal nak beli? Download je lah.... Jawapannya ialah = kurang masa & kesabaran utk mencari & men'dunlod'

Lagu-lagu yg ada dlm CD ni:

1. I Love You
2. Paint My Love
3. Big BIg World
4. Miss You Like Crazy
5. Hard To Say I'm Sorry
6. I Don't Want Miss A Thing
7. Un-Break My Heart
8. Back At One
9. Because You Love Me
10. How Do I Live
11. There You'll Be
12. Miss You Finally
13. The Colour Of The Night
14. Careless Wisper
15. When I Need You
16. I'll Be Missing You
17. Right Here Waiting
18. When You Say Nothing At All
19. Obvious
20. My Love
21. As Long As You Love Me
22. Without You
23. Never Had A Dream Come True
24. Dreaming Of You
25. Better Man
26. The Power Of Love


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