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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Bestnya harini
Calltime 3.00pm.. arrived set 3.15 sbb jammed ada xcdnt. Then terus make-up, ready on set.. rolling & deliver your best! As a result, 3.45pm dah habis 
Congrats to Production Manager & Jay Mazin The Agency yg sgt bagus atur jadual utk shooting. So, xperlu tunggu lama. Mcm retis gitu.. haha 
Walaupun iols hanya talent biasa, InshaaAllah I'll do my best for every task given.
Mudah-mudahan the Producer, Director, Asst. Director & all production team berpuashati dgn hasil kerja serta kerjasama yg diberikan.
So, jgn lupa saksikan 'Mencintaimu' dlm slot Akasia di TV3 setiap Isnin - Khamis mulai 19 Ogos 2015.
Me, starring as Doctor.
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