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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aisya oh Aisya & @ JW Marriot Putrajaya


Her wish :

First impression baca ni kat board dia, aku terkedu.. Sian ada, nak marah ada, geram pun ada jgk. Pendek kata, mcm2 ada :D

Apa2pun, I'm always cool ^_^

Forget about it n dipanjangkan cerita, my boss ajak keluar, dia ajak g mkn. Boss dah buat booking kat JW Marriot Putrajaya rupa2nya. Dia suruh bawak Aisya sekali. On that day was her sister's birthday. So, birthday boss pun on January jugak. Plus, birthday Aisya is coming. So, boleh dikatakan 3 in 1 lah senang (w/pun menumpang, hehe).

Kami pergi naik kete boss la, apa lagi. Aisya x tahu nak ke mana. Dia cuma tahu boss mummy nak belanja. Tu je. Sampai je JW MARRIOT PUTRAJAYA, Aisya kata "kenapa mummy tak bagitau boss mummy nak bawa gi hotel?" Aku senyum je.. SURPRISE!!!

She was happy! The lunch cum hi-tea buffet was nice! A lots of choices n rasanya sedap. Presentation was good too. Overall best la :-) Tambahan boss belanja = free, lagilah best kan :D

While having lunch, the performers from Philippines went to every table to entertain guests. While at our table, they sang Happy Birthday song. Apa lagi, tersipu2 malu & tersengih2lah Aisya. TQ :-)

The clown said I don't look as Aisya's mom at all. Yeke? NO lah.. He was joking or saje la tu. Hehehe...

So, a few pictures there..


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