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Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Harini Aisya tak sekolah sebab sekolahnya bagi cuti sempena UPSR. 1 day only. Aisya ikut aku g ofis.

Sebenarnya dia agak sedih. Aisya sedih sebab tak dapat hantar Uncle Bob nya (my cousin) ke KLIA.

Bob will be flying to Bradford to further his study. Sebelum ni, my cousin - Fazmeer (adik Bob) pun fly ke France to further study also; pun kitorang tak berkesempatan untuk send him at KLIA.

Sebab tu lah Aisya sedih.

Aisya agak manja bila jumpa uncle-uncle nyer ni. They are my cousins brothers. Walaupun jarang jumpa, tapi bila jumpa, Aisya akan ambil kesempatan untuk bermanja dengan my cousins. Minta suapkan makan, dukung la, etc.

I know Aisya miss every moments & attentions she supposed to get from her real uncles & aunties.

Whatever!!! *malas fikir nanti buat sakit hati je*

I supposed to send Aisya yesterday nite at Kota Damansara - my Auntie's house. So from there, Aisya may spend plenty of time with her aunties & uncles since she is not going to school today. Unfortunately I'm not feeling well again. Lepas Isyak malam tadi terus fainted.

Berkaca matanya apabila bercakap dengan Bob thru phone call before he flies.

Sorry sayang...

Aisya with Uncle Ameer @ Hyatt Hotel, Kuantan - 2008


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