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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adik Abang :-)


Aisya komplen, abg dia lupa nak wish birthday dia.. Adam cuma ingat February je. Lupa date. So, bila jumpa, abg dia apologize..

"Abg bz la dik. Abg pun dah 3 hari demam".

Haritu dia tetap teruskan show even demam..

Then, selepas habis show, hujan lebat. Balik rumah, mandi-mandi sebab kena hujan, then Abg Aisya sempat pergi masjid as usual for Maghrib & Isyak prayer. Lepas tu baru kami keluar utk celebrate birthday Aisya.

Eh, I pulak yg di question.. Ingatkan nak celebrate dgn Marlon sekali since birthday Marlon on 16th February, sbb tu just letak Happy Birthday je & get 2 candles :p

Aisya was soo happy...

So, hopefully this small celebration will make u smile even belated & there is no birthday party as u wish..

OK darling?



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